Learning Through Play

Apps for Education

We believe in the ability of children to learn more effectively through fun and interaction.

Our educational apps are based on Early Years Foundation Stage Principles, US Common Core State Standards Curriculum and follow the main standards of the Learning and Development Principles: Active Learning, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Fusing these principles with gameplay full of feedback, the touch screen device becomes a powerful learning tool.

Number Train

Get on board the Number Train with Oomka and learn your numbers! Number Train contains puzzles and scenes based on Montessori principles to help preschoolers learn how to read and write the numbers from 1 to 20, and to learn the values associated with them.


Shape City

Can you solve the puzzles and become a shape expert? Shape City helps preschoolers learn 2D shapes with games that test knowledge and intelligence.


World in Colour

Learn the major colours and learn new words! Paint objects and play bonus puzzle games! World In Colour introduces the concept of primary and secondary colours and expands vocabulary with downloadable extension packs.

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